Introducing the European Research Area CRN

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Hello, hello!

We are UACES’s collaborative research network on the European Research Area (welcome to our home). This is our official blog where we discuss all issues concerning the construction of the European knowledge area: from controversies to technical details and thoughtful reflections about current and future developments.

This network started as a casual conversation between two researchers studying the European Research Area. We were puzzled by the lack of scholarly interests from the EU Studies community in the decision- and policy-making dynamics in the EU research domain, specifically, and knowledge governance, more generally. Not only were these phenomena highly relevant to our daily academic work (they affect how we are funded and assessed), but they are also ripe with theorizing potentials concerning how Europe is evolving – politically and socially. With generous support from UACES (small events grant), we met in Oslo in June 2012 to discuss what we observed as the dynamics driving and emerging from the construction of the European knowledge area.

The meeting in Oslo motivated us to apply for becoming a collaborative research network so that we can (a) continue sharing our research findings with one another, (b) connect and reach out to other researchers working on European knowledge governance from different disciplines, and (c) to highlight what research about the European knowledge area can offer to studies of European integration and the EU.

Since the chance conversation between two researchers working in different corners of Europe, we have now grown to 50+ members in 21 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. We look forward to meeting you at our launch event series (see here) and reading your comments!