Competing for foreign talent in a globalised world: is Europe losing out?

ECPR Standing Group |

Labour market shortages in high-skilled sectors, demographic changes and the constant pressure to innovate have prompted governments around the world to engage in a global competition for talent. Against this context, the regional dimension has become increasingly important as governments seek to activate all policy instruments in the race for the ‘best and brightest’. This is certainly the case in Europe.

According to the most recent calculations, the European Commission estimated that Europe will need between 384,000 and 700,000 workers in the information and communication technology sector by 2015 and one million healthcare professionals by 2020. Unsurprisingly, we see the European Commission opening its July 2013 Communication on ‘European higher education in the world’ with the resounding title ‘Europe and the global race for talent’. This reference sets up the scenario that, unless attractive measures are in place, Europe might be losing out. In light of the on-going Crisis currently shaking the foundations of the European Union (EU), how is Europe faring in terms of being an attractive destination for foreign talent?

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